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About Self Clinch Direct

Self-Clinch Direct is a Master Distributor of TR Fastenings and a provider of high quality products made by top manufacturers in the electronic hardware industry. Self Clinch Direct product’s have the same Form, Fit and Function as our competitors and can be used with no design changes.

Also, for almost 10 years, we have sold online. But recently, we decided that we will no longer offer that service and will ask our online customers to call us at 801-746-2689 or send us a PO’s directly to our Customer Service Department at We still want to make the process as easy as possible, but also want to have the human interaction!

Contact Us directly by phone to place an order or email us your purchase order.

Sales Support: 801-746-2689

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Self Clinch 101

Self-clinching fasteners are nuts, studs, and standoffs that are designed to attach components to thin sheet metal, creating permanent and reusable, load-bearing connections with less hardware.